Antonym of with | opposite – Opposite Word of With in English

The antonym of “with” is “without

Here are some additional antonyms of “with”:

  • Without
  • Apart
  • Away from
  • Disconnected
  • Excluding
  • Lacking
  • Minus
  • Separated

Meaning of “with”

“In grammar, “with” is a preposition that is used to show the relationship between two or more nouns or pronouns. It can also indicate the manner in which an action is performed or the tool or instrument used to perform the action. “With” is often used to show accompaniment or association, as in “I went to the park with my friend.”

It can also be used to express means or method, as in “I cut the paper with scissors.” Additionally, “with” can be used to indicate the presence or existence of something, as in “The room was filled with laughter.”

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